Verandah House offers bespoke design services to meet every need of the residential market across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and further afield. From ongoing consultancy to one-off projects and product sourcing trips, Judy and Jess work closely with you to guide decisions throughout the design process and collaborate with both you and your project team. Together, they are committed to a highly personalised experience no matter the project size, with a belief that creating a home can and should be enjoyable. They understand that design can feel intimidating and ensure clients find inspiration and delight while helping them articulate the styles they love throughout the design and build experience.


Decorating is where our core passion lies and is the stage of the project our clients often enjoy the most. For some, it will mean adding life to a newly-painted blank canvas, while other rooms will have been much loved for years and ready for a refresh. We create a clear vision for how the space will look and function and transform it with the use of quality furniture, fabrics and styling pieces. We’ve scoured the globe for unique pieces that stand the test of time, and work with you to place them in your home to enjoy now, and for generations to come.


For renovation or new build projects, we’re available to guide as much or as little of the interior design process as you need, working alongside your architect and builder. We can take care of all aspects of the interior design process with a turn key approach from concept to completion, or we can act as your consultants and be on-hand as you need us. Working with the Verandah House designers from the beginning of the project ensures your home has a cohesive feel as we turn our eye for colour and detail to the joinery, finishes, lighting and flow of the house. This removes guesswork and saves you money and stress as we move through to placing furniture and adding the finishing touches; delivering a seamless look and living spaces which function impeccably.

Get in touch with us below for a friendly discussion on how our services could work for your project, time frame and budget, and to receive our Schedule of Fees.