What people are saying about the course


It’s been a fantastic series - I've just loved it! Can't wait for the next course.

- Helen Higgins

Living in the bush makes it so hard to get involved in so many things that metro areas have to offer! Thank you for conquering the distance Verandah House!

- Georgi Musgrave

Loved week one so much that I just had to look at week two straight away! I have been looking for a course like this for so long that is so practical! Thanks so much!

- Julie Laws

This course was so much fun! Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks. What am I supposed to do on Monday mornings now? I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful design work on your blog and website. Your bloopers made me smile, just shows that you also had fun creating this series!

- Karen Smith

What a fabulous series. I am still working on all of the Series workbooks and will refer to them regularly. Loved the Bloopers. Shows you are normal. Judy and Jess you are such Beautiful Ladies and very creative, and clever 'to boot'. Looking forward to the next Series. 💐💐💐💕 thank you.

- Sandy Champion

Designers and Presenters! So much pressure......got to have some bloopers and light moments for sure! Well done on presenting a beautiful series. Visually stunning with informative content ❤️

- Trish Walker

Congratulations on such an enjoyable and informative course. It has been lovely to share your generous tips and guidance in such a professional yet casual and friendly forum. Many thanks I feel I have gained confidence and skills in creating a stylish liveable Hamptons style home. Thankyou Judy & Jess

- Leonie Muller

💐Thankyou for the opportunity Jess and Judy it has been wonderful to get the ideas and inspiration from yourselves and to see everyone's work I'm looking forward to hopefully continue and to see what's ahead 💐💐  Thankyou

- Catherine Buckley

Thank you! I certainly have enjoyed this series! It's been inspiring and fun.. it's opened my eyes to see what I'm looking to achieve.. though challenging! Glad I have my notes to read and re-read! I've especially loved this group.. it's been helpful seeing other ideas and support! 💙

- Vicci Zerafa

Thank you so much Judy and Jess for letting us into your world, you are both so talented with exquisite taste. The course has inspired me to re look at my home with fresh eyes. It's been so much fun and I've absolutely loved the posts and comments by others in this group. Can't wait until the next course and in the meantime I'll be having fun shopping for new bits and bobs to make my house look beautiful. Xx

- Louise Shackleton

3 Words Amazing Amazing Amazing! I have been searching for a course like this for some time! Thank you Judy & Jess

- Kay Ridge

Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Loved all the helpful hints and ideas. Wonderful! I can highly recommend.

- Lesley Cocks

Great course Jess and Judy. Very informative and lots of fun. Thank you

- Debbie Wren

Really having fun putting into practice what I learn each week. And developing confidence that there's no one 'right' way, it's about following the design principles Judy and Jess take you through and using things I love. Thank you for developing such a great course!

- Rachel Smart

This is a great course - full of beautiful images, inspiration, and great advice. Thanks Jess and Judy - for me its been a lovely creative escape with the added bonus of a sharing, supportive Facebook group.

- Suzy Allen

Thank you so much for launching this amazing design series! It’s wonderful to see such talented designers as yourselves sharing your knowledge with us…thank you! We have just built a Hampton’s/Coastal inspired home and I am very excited to put this course to good use. Great job girls x

- Anita Egen

This course is wonderful! We are halfway through building our Hampton’s/Coastal style house and this is going to be so useful to put together the interiors!

- Kate Venter

Thanks Jess & Judy! Loving what I’ve seen so far – the videos, workbooks and resources, love your style!! It’s fantastic reading everyone’s comments and sharing ideas with one another. At the moment I am living in a small village in Switzerland close to Zurich and Lucerne so I’m really looking forward to exploring the shops to find accessories, materials and furniture with a project in mind. Thank you for developing such a wonderful course!

- Judy Thompson

Hi Jess and Judy

Thank you for a wonderful course, very informative and extremely helpful for the lay person. I have previously done another course in Interior Design and yours is by far the best for helping people understand the concepts of style.

I think that your videos were excellent and the whole course with the great presentation booklet was superb. The information about the books that you have used in your business are great, I bought the book Style and Glamour by the designer Sophie Paterson, Excellent Book.

I would like to be included in your next course and looking forward to it.

- Kind regards, Trizia

Hi Jess, I also got so much out of the course - I liked that the videos were concise & that you get to keep the workbooks for future reference. I'll definitely be signing up for the next course when it arises!

- Rachel Loncar

Undertaking the first course designed by the wonderful Judy & Jess has re-sparked my interest and passion of interior design. The course is presented in a beautiful manner with topics opening my eyes to 6 areas of my home that were overlooked. Wonderful enlightening. Cannot wait for the next course!

- Carolina Francheska